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Tradie Trove’s vision is to revolutionise the way we find the best professional to 'make your job happen!'.

Company Overview

Tradie Trove Pty Ltd was founded in 2016 by Warun and Susan Wilkinson. In teaming up with Troy Ross from Hosvir, Tradie Trove is set to change the face of how people source and contract service professionals. With the development of Tradie Trove’s unique web platform, customers have the benefits of a reverse bidding marketplace, an urgent jobs tool and the comfort of our job assist service. As an Australian family company we value local businesses and believe that Tradie Trove will provide sole traders an equal platform to compete against the marketing of large companies and franchises. If you’re a householder looking at getting a new kitchen or a mechanic trying to get more work, Tradie Trove will unlock your possibilities.

The story of Tradie Trove

Marley (Hill Billy) Cheeseman The inspiration for Tradie Trove first came about from chatting to good friends that were looking to replace some garden steps in their front yard. They shared their frustration of the wasted phone calls, time taken waiting around for builders and landscapers that never showed up and on the occasion someone eventually came, a quote was never provided. While our friends were astonished about the lack of interest in the work, they persevered and eventually obtained a quote. The figure was exorbitant, so they asked us what we thought it should cost to replace the steps. In providing a basic estimate of what we thought they should expect to pay, our friends went back to searching and ringing Tradies. Within a couple of months, the good news is that they ended up finding a Tradie who did a great job in replacing the steps for well under half the price of the first quote.

This got us thinking, there had to a better way for householders to get work done without the hassles and still be reassured that you are getting quality work at a good price.

The Tradie Trove Logo

Tradie Trove Logo The Tradie Trove logo represents a modern house on an app button, with a reflection of a window in the far left hand corner. Contained within the abstract design of the house are the Letters TT (Tradie Trove), where the orange roof line meets and intersects with the dark blue walls. The orange roof line also represents a tick of approval.

Warun Wilkinson

Warun Wilkinson
Managing Director

BA (Psychology, Welfare Studies & Tourism), Dip Business Management, Grad Cert Public Sector Leadership

As a self-confessed DIYer, Warun Wilkinson prides himself on being able to do projects and maintenance around the home. While Warun considers himself fairly capable, he also realises that some jobs require licenced professionals and that he just didn’t have the time to do some larger jobs. Warun’s work experience has taken him across Queensland in varying roles from Youth Work in community organisations to Regional Manager level within State Government. After many years as a project manager, Warun finally decided to leave the bureaucracy and red tape of the public service, to broaden his horizons and to bring his ideas to reality. Warun’s passion to help others combined with a love to innovate has led to the founding of Tradie Trove as a tool that will revolutionise the service industry.

Warun's favourite quote is: The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Susan Wilkinson

Susan Wilkinson

B Agricultural Science (Education)

Susan grew up in the Central Queensland region, as the daughter of a dairy farmer. She inherited a strong work ethic and a determination to take on any challenge. With a love of gardening and renovating and a willingness to try her hand at almost anything, Susan enjoys the accomplishment of being able to see projects through to fruition. Within State Education Susan has been in many principal and deputy roles and understands and values the importance of having systems and people that you can rely on. In managing a school, Susan has to rely on a bank of trusted Trade Service Providers that are reliable and timely in maintaining equipment and buildings. In establishing Tradie Trove in conjunction with her husband, Susan views it as a much needed service that will benefit both consumers and service suppliers.

Susan's favourite quote is: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try!

Key Partners
Troy Ross

Troy Ross
Owner Director

From a very early age, Troy developed a passion for technology and programming. Troy pursued his dream and entered the technology industry and subsequently gained employment with a large corporation implementing, designing, and creating technology systems. With over 8 years of industry experience, Troy took a leap of faith and established his own web development and design business. Troy enjoys home renovating, cooking and riding his Harley. In September 2015 Troy was contracted by Tradie Trove to design and develop the unique online marketplace that you see today.

Mark Faulkner

Mark Faulkner
Owner Director
D M Faulkner Registered Builders

For as long as Mark remembers, he has had a love for working with wood. In 1974, Mark became a qualified Carpenter and 6 years later became a registered builder. He spent approximately 20 years in the commercial construction and home building industry before deciding in 2000, to start up his own business. Mark continues to manage his own successful home maintenance, renovation and building business. Mark is a classic car enthusiast, and in his spare time loves working on his restoration and timber projects. Now embarking on a new journey with Tradie Trove, Mark enjoys being able to use his extensive knowledge and years of experience, in helping people construct ideas and build dreams.

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