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Frequently asked questions

  • General

  • Where do you provide services?

    Tradie Trove currently services Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast Regions and will be expanding into the Gladstone area in the very near future.

  • What type of services do you offer?

    Tradie Trove has 3 main feature including Get Bids, Job Assist and Urgent Works. The main categories of services are: vehicle, building/renovations, electrical, cleaning, pest & animal control, security, flooring, painting & decorating, plumbing & gas, glass, concreting, garden/landscaping, general construction, furnishings/fixtures, home services and pools. For a more detailed listing of these, please go to the Tradie Trove Services page.

  • What is 'Get Bids' and how does it work?

    Get Bids, is simply an online auction marketplace that enables Trade Professionals the opportunity to bid on jobs/work that is posted by customers. Customers can receive an unlimited number of obligation free quotes for jobs posted and can select the best provider based on their own personal preferences.

  • What is 'Job Assist' and how does it work?

    Job Assist is a feature that compliments Get Bids. Job Assist has many benefits, however the main function is to provide independent advice, scope the work and post the project on the customer's behalf. Job Assist is a great service for customers who would like to take advantage of the knowledge and technical experience of the Job Advisor when submitting job requests on Get Bids. Job Assist is recommended for customers who are considering renovations or when any job maybe large, complicated or require more than one Service Provider.

  • What is 'Urgent Works' and how does it work?

    Urgent Works is a unique feature that allows customers access to Tradies and Service Providers for urgent or immediate work. Our revolutionary Tradie Trove system advises 5 star customer rated Tradies of your job so they are able to respond if they are able and willing to do your job.

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

    It is very easy, just click on Login, and then on Forgot password. A password recovery e-mail will be sent to you within minutes and then you can set your new password. (If you have made too many attempts of logging in with an incorrect password, you will be locked out and consequently will have to wait 24 hours before you can attempt to reset your password.)

  • How do I change my account settings?

    To change your account settings, first please login, go to your account under Members and then select Settings. You can change your address, your contact details and contact settings.

  • Can I use tradietrove.com.au on my mobile, too?

    Tradie Trove uses a fully responsive web page design which allows you to use all types of devices including mobiles, tablets and computers. We suggest that you bookmark/favourite our website so that you have easy and immediate access from you chosen device just in case of an emergency.

  • How can I contact you?

    You can contact us by emailing info@tradietrove.com.au or calling us on 0478 887 683. We are available from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  • Is Tradie Trove an Australian Company?

    We are proud to say that Tradie Trove is an original Australian innovation that has been developed in coordination with another great Australian business Hosvir. Tradie Trove is a fully Australian owned and operated company that maintains a strong ethos of supporting small family owned and operated business. For more information, see about us.

  • Customer

  • How do I sign up?

    Go to Register as Customer. You'll soon receive a welcome e-mail from us and you are good to go!

  • How can I get immediate assistance?

    If you require a Tradie immediately, please select Urgent Works and follow the prompts. Urgent Works is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service. For technical or non-urgent assistance please call Tradie Trove on 0478 887 683 during the hours of 9am to 5pm weekdays.

  • What is the referral program that you offer?

    By referring us to a friend, you will receive a get 10% discount on any future job, once this person has used our service. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more details.

  • How do you post a job to receive quotes?

    Click on Get Bids on the main page and follow the prompts. If you need additional support, choose Job Assist. If you have an urgent job, select Urgent Works.

  • How much does posting a job cost customers?

    There is no cost to posting a job in Get Bids as all quotes are provided obligation free. There is an upfront fee associated with Job Assist and Urgent Works. See pricing schedule.

  • What type of detail do I need to provide in Get Bids?

    It is really important to provide as much detail as possible in the description of the job if you require a fixed price. To support customers writing up a job description, we have developed a proforma for each description box and an example job as a guide. If you are unable to provide all of the information required, are still unsure about what information is needed or the job is large and complicated, we suggest that you either choose the hour rate option within Get Bids, or use Job Assist service to visit the site and lodge the job on your behalf.

  • What is the difference between fixed price and hourly rate?

    Most customers like to request a fixed price so that they will receive a quote or bid where the price for the full job has been calculated. When selecting a fixed price, customers may also be provided with an hourly rate charge, in case there is any unforeseeable work that is required. If a you request an hourly rate, you are choosing to contract the service provider for time worked on site only. When selecting either option, you should check on whether the bid includes materials and supplies.

  • Can I provide the materials for a job?

    Yes, the customer is able to provide the required materials and supplies. Please ensure these details are provided accurately in the job description when completing job information.

  • How do I upload attachments to a job?

    You can upload photos and documents using JPEG and PNG only to the Get Bids request with fixed prices or to Urgent Works. At the bottom of the screen, above the green submit button you will find the blue upload icon. When uploading a small number of documents, it is easiest to take photos of these to attach with the job.

  • How do I change the format of my attachment to JPEG or PNG?

    Worddoc to JPEG using LibreOffic Writer: File->Export->JPEG->Save.
    Worddoc to JPEG using Microsoft Office, tutorial here.
    Worddoc to JPEG using online converter, upload document than download result, example converter.

    PDF to JPEG using online converter, upload document than download result, example converter.

  • How do I update an existing job?

    Login to your account, go to your account under Members and go to Jobs. All of your posted jobs will be listed there, and by clicking on Edit, you can modify the content of a job. Please remember that editing a job will effectively remove any previous quotes/bids and correspondence.

  • How can I remove or close a job?

    Simply contact us by emailing info@tradietrove.com.au or calling us on 0478 887 683. We are available from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  • Do I have to choose a quote?

    No! There is no obligation to select a quote, as all quotes provided for FREE with no obligations attached with the customer. Please remember that all quotes will only remain valid for up to 3 months according to industry standards or up until a point of withdrawal by the Service Provider.

  • How do I select the best service professional?

    You can select service professionals by reviewing their profile, customer star rating, credentials, customer comments, number of jobs, size of jobs, timeframe and price. Always remember that the cheapest price does not always provide you with the level of service.

  • How do customer reviews work?

    As a customer you are strongly encouraged to provide an accurate review of the service provider who completes your work in terms of timeliness, friendliness, quality of workmanship, communication and price. This information is vital to Tradie Trove as it helps build a profile on the service professional, so that future customers are informed when selecting a provider.

  • How can I review service providers?

    You are able to review service providers that have bid on your job. Simply login, go to your account under Members and go to Jobs and click on bids.

  • How can I pay?

    On accepting a quote on Get Bids or lodging a Job Assist or Urgent Works request, you can pay the Tradie Trove processing fee by credit card, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Payment for the actual job is to be made directly to the service provider.

  • What if I am unable to make contact with the Service professional I have selected?

    If the Service provider has not been in contact with you within 2 business days of winning the job, please contact Tradie Trove at support@tradietrove.com.au and we will follow up to resolve the matter.

  • How do I obtain a refund of the processing fee?

    Refunds of the processing fee are made at the discretion of Tradie Trove if the customer doesn't receive the intended service. At Tradie Trove we value our customers and will endeavor to rectify matters where service are not as described. For more information see Terms and Conditions.

  • Tradie

  • How do I sign up?

    To sign up as a service provider, please go to Partner Us and Register as a Tradesman on our website. Once you have completed the business registration, you will receive a welcome e-mail from us and then the verification process will begin. All qualifications and work records/performance may be checked by Tradie Trove prior to accepting or approving you as a service provider on our platform. This process should only take up to 48 hours. During this time, you can search for jobs, or post jobs as a customer, but you cannot bid or quote on jobs.

  • What are the fees for Tradies and Service providers?

    Tradie Trove is the only online marketplace that we know of that does not charge Tradies and Service Providers for using our platform. Yes! Tradie Trove is FREE with no membership costs or ongoing charges to Service Providers. This is an integral part of our unique business model, as we strive to encourage as many quality Service Providers to our site as possible in the hope that these savings may be passed on to the customer. It also supports our ethos of supporting small local family businesses so that they can compete on an equal platform with the larger corporates and franchises.

  • How does Tradie Trove make its money?

    Tradie Trove charges a small processing fee to customers for the benefits that our unique system brings with our revolutionary features. Tradie Trove will also be generating revenue through basic online advertising on the site in the near future. For more information, see pricing.

  • How do I bid for a job?

    Once your account is verified and you have received a verification email, you will be able to submit bids on notified jobs that fit your preferences by logging in, selecting Find Job and pressing View to see the full job details. When bidding/quoting on a job, please ensure that you fully understand the requirements of the job prior to submitting any bid. If you are unsure, about the job or don't have enough information, we suggest you click on request more details to allow you to publicly message the potential customer to find out more information.

  • Can I modify my bid?

    You may submit a new bid with a modified price at any point. When you submit a new bid, your previous bid will automatically become inactive.

  • How can I remove a bid?

    You can withdraw and remove your bid at any time while the bidding process is still active, and prior to the customer finalising and selecting a Provider. While logged on to your Members Page, select Find Jobs, click on View, and then press Cancel Bid. If a customer has already selected you as their provider, it is expected that you will honour your quote and complete the work.

  • How can I check what bids were accepted?

    Once you have logged in, go to your account under Members and then select My Jobs. All of your accepted and completed bids will be listed there. You will also receive an e-mail notification about the status of your bids. If you would like to change how you are notified of job, please go to Member > Settings > Contact Settings.

  • How do customers give a review about my work?

    Once the job is done, the customers have the opportunity to give feedback and provide a star rating on your performance on the job you have completed. Customers can provide comments and will rate your service based on timeliness, friendliness, quality of the work and price. The better the customer ratings you receive, the greater the likelihood that you will win jobs in the future.

  • How can I modify or remove a review post?

    If you feel that any comments or rating are unjust, vindictive or not valid, you can email us at support@tradietrove.com.au. It is important to us that the customer receives the best service possible and that the customer also provides open and honest feedback. If there is an ongoing issue that is either out of our control or that cannot be resolved promptly, then we will provide both parties with information to have the matter resolved through the appropriate authorities.

  • How am I paid for a job obtained through Tradie Trove?

    Following the customer's acceptance of your bid, the process of payment is between you as the service provider and the customer only. As a service provider, you must follow your industry standards and regulations for charging customers. It is expected, that you will invoice the customer for the work as per normal trading practice.

  • What if I am unable to deliver the service on time?

    Please contact the customer directly and discuss the matter immediately. Customers are far more accepting of extended deadlines if you build good customer relations and maintain contact. If you are unable to reach the customer, please contact us at support@tradietrove.com.au.

  • What if I am new Provider and cannot get any work?

    It is often more difficult for new providers on Tradie Trove, to be able to compete against seasoned providers who have developed great profiles and customer star ratings. It is therefore, very important that you communicate your strengths and experience with each job as customers are more likely to go with providers who promote themselves and ask sensible questions of the job. Another good practice measure, is to ensure that you target smaller jobs, bid first and be prepared to offer discounted quotes/bids.

  • How do I become an Urgent Works Tradie?

    To become an Urgent Works provider, you must firstly obtain and maintain a 5 Star Customer rating. Urgent Works providers are selected and invited at the discretion of Tradie Trove. Again, this is a FREE service for Providers.

  • How do I become a Job Assist Advisor?

    Tradie Trove has a social conscience towards assisting Tradesman who have become permanently injured and are unable to work in prior capacity. When Job Assist Advisors contracts become available, they will be advertised on our website with the expectation, that applicants will provide medical evidence that they can no longer work on the tools, have extensive experience in their field and be willing to be retrained into the position. It is important to note that Job Assist Advisors are contracted by Tradie Trove, but must remain independent from Tradie Trove and Service Providers on our website. Job Assist Advisors must have their own Australian Business Number (ABN) and public indemnity insurance.

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